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Dear colleagues and friends!
The main purpose of EAONO is education. Education of younger collegues to reach the highest level of specialisation in otology and neurotology, ultimately to the benefit of patients suffering from diseases within these fields. At the heart of dedicated education we find science – from basic science at the bench to cutting-edge clinical science at the bedside.

  • Dear colleage,

    From the University of Barcelona, Faculty of Medicine we are searching for participants in a study about indications for surgical decompression in Bell's palsy.

    The participation consists in answering a brief (5 minutes) anonymous questionnaire about your general practice towards Bell' s palsy as an otologists. The link is provided below:

    Thank you very much for your participation"

    Prof.Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen

    JUNE 20-23, 2018

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    We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen.

    with kindest regards

    2nd Newsletter